2015 Theatre Season:

New Harmony is home to the New Harmony Theatre (NHT), produced by the University of Southern Indiana. Every summer from June through August, NHT presents outstanding live productions, of a comedy, drama and a musical.

For additional details or ticketing information, visit the New Harmony Theatre official website,
or call (812) 682- 3115 (Toll Free: 877-NHT-SHOW).

On Golden Pond
by Ernest Thompson
June 19-21; 26-28, 2015

Ernest Thompson’s award-winning 1979 Broadway debut soon became an Oscar award-winning film. Approaching his 80th year, Professor Norman Thayer has just arrived with his wife Ethel for another summer at their Maine cabin when they are pressed into service taking care of the 13-year-old son of their daughter’s new boyfriend while the daughter and boyfriend leave for Europe. A play about growing old, about marriage, about reconciliation, and most of all, about love, On Golden Pond, is a bittersweet comedy that reminds us all of what is most important in life.

The Full Monty – Held at USI Campus

Based on the 1997 British film, The Full Monty was turned into a Broadway musical in 2000. Tony award-winning playwright Terrance McNally and composer/lyricist David Yazbek thoroughly Americanized the story of unemployed factory workers, setting it in Buffalo, New York. United by their common plight, a few of the workers form friendships. Each, for his own reasons, feels useless to his family and less than a man. In need of money, they decide to put on a strip tease, out-performing the Chippendale dancers. As they pursue their big plan, the show they rehearse comes to represent their defiant response to all that has been taken from them and becomes a means of restoring their self-respect.
Performance contains adult language and nudity.

Outside Mullingar
by John Patrick Shanley
July 24-26; August 2, 2015

John Patrick Shanley’s new play is barely a year old, having opened on Broadway in January of 2014, so this is one of the first productions of the play to be seen outside of New York. Shanley, a Pulitzer-Prize winning playwright (Doubt), has crafted a dramatic comedy of great power, capturing the time in the lives of adults when they know they can no longer be parents’ children and must chart their own course in life. A simple story about love’s capacity to heal our lives, Shanley writes unerringly of the human heart.