Opportunity awaits you in New Harmony

The New Harmony Inn is located in an area that allows you to fill your visit with unusual, informative and diverse activities and attractions in Indiana.

Architectural marvels, multiple sculptures, labyrinths, live entertainment, a variety of historic sites, and the joy of just browsing quaint shops are all within easy strolling distance of the Inn. Learn more about the attractions that New Harmony in Indiana has to offer.

Area Attractions

All attractions are within easy walking distance from the New Harmony Inn:

  • Tours of Historical Building and Homes
  • Art Galleries
  • Architecture of Phillip Johnson/Richard Meier
  • Cathedral Labyrinth Replica of Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth in France
  • Circuit Medieval Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth France
  • Harmonist Labyrinth
  • Rapp Owen Granary
  • (September) KunstFest Festival
  • (Summer) The New Harmony Music Festival & School
  • (Winter) Under The Beams Concert Series
  • (Summer) New Harmony Theatre Live Performances
  • (Spring) Fragrant Farms
  • Maximilian Bodmer Art Gallery
  • Harmonie State Park
  • Trails along the Wabash River
  • Huge Community Playground in Murphy’s Park

For current and upcoming events in New Harmony, visit NewHarmony.biz  and VisitNewHarmony.com  websites.